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Technische Hilfskranft zur Unterstützung im Labor am KIST-Europe
Autor: ZHMB, verfasst: 28.11.2018, 12.21 h, Views: 28
Das Korea Institute of Science and Technology Europe sucht eine technische Hilfskraft zur Unterstützung im Labor (8-16 Stunden/Woche). Näheres siehe Stellenausschreibung im Anhang.
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PhD Position in Lipid Droplet Biology (Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology / PZMS)
Autor: Bianca Schrul, verfasst: 07.11.2018, 13.58 h, Views: 66


PhD Position available

Lipid Droplet Biogenesis and Function

(Saarland University, Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology / PZMS)

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with a diploma / master ́s degree in natural sciences to join our young and growing team as a PhD student. The position is immediately available at the Department of Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology / Center for Molecular Signaling (PZMS) of the Saarland University in the research group of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bianca Schrul.

Our group is interested in the biogenesis and function of lipid droplets. These subcellular organelles dynamically balance the influx, storage and consumption of neutral lipids in nearly all cells of our body and are therefore central hubs in lipid metabolism. Lipid droplets are implicated in a range of human pathologies including hallmark diseases of our modern society such as obesity, diabetes, hepatic steatosis and cardiovascular disorders. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying lipid droplet biogenesis and function as well as pathologic aberrations in these processes remain largely unknown. Projects in our lab address three major questions:

1. What are the molecular mechanisms underlying protein targeting and insertion into the limiting membrane of lipid droplets?

2. How is lipid droplet biogenesis from the endoplasmic reticulum membrane regulated?

3. How do lipid droplets communicate with other lipid metabolizing organelles to adapt to metabolic changes?

We employ a range of biochemical and cell biological techniques including in vitro reconstitution experiments, protein-interaction studies, organelle / protein isolations, CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing, RNA interference as well as advanced fluorescence and electron microscopy.

The candidate should have a strong interest in basic biochemical and cell biological research. Please send your application including a short cover letter stating your research interest, a CV and contacts for two references to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bianca Schrul:


Further information can be found on our website: schrul


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