Degree Programs

If you decide to study biology at the Saarland University you can choose between the two major degrees: Bachelor of Science and School teaching (Lehramt). After the basic bachelor degree there is the possibility to add a Master of Science in biology or biotechnology respectively. All courses have the ultimate goal to qualify our students to cope scientific challenges at the borderline between biology and human medicine based upon profound natural scientific knowledge. Modern experimental and computer based means guarantee an early, practically orientated qualification for professions in science, industry and economics, thus fulfilling the prerequisits of modern biologists.
Please note: almost all of the classes are taught in German language! We request a language certificate of at least B2 level (higher recommended). Further information is therefore also provided in German.

Bachelor Biology (Human and Molecular Biology)

The three year Bachelor program provides a wide range of human and molecular biological issues. The students graduade with the academic degree Bachelor of Science (BSc).

German-French Bachelor & Master/PhD program Bionational

In cooperation with the Université de Strasbourg, France our students may obtain a German-French double Bachelor of Science or double Master/PhD. Further information may be found at our program website.

Master Human and Molecular Biology

The Master program contains of two years research focussed education in modern human and molecular biology like infection biology, cell signalling and transport, physiology and tumor and epigenetics

School teaching

We offer different types of school teaching (Lehramt) courses for German Gymnasium & Gemeinschaftsschule (LS1+2), Sekundarstufe I (LS1), Primar- und Sekundarstufe I (LPS1) and Berufschule (LAB).

Please note: bioinformatics is taught by the Center for Bioinformatics which is not part of the biology department at the Saarland University. Information about the Master program Biotechnology is provided an an external website.